Nancy Joyce, CanUHearMe
I have lived in town for 24 yrs. I raised my children properly with good family values. I taught my children about druges and alcohol. Unfortunately my daughter Allyson did not listen. Her drug abuse progressed without us knowing (nobody knew) until she was an addict.  All of a sudden her addiction could not be hidden. Her bad decisions created this disease and she tried to fight back but lost her battle to an overdose at age 21 in 2008.  I learned a lot from Allyson as she was willing to share and hated being an addict.  I saw my daughter struggle as well as so many others that have led this life.  I now take One Day At A Time and live my life fully while giving my other loved ones the attention they deserve. I have educated myself extensivly on drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in an effort to help others.
Nancy Joyce - Founder of www.canuhearme.org / Lacey Municipal Alliance Chairperson, Founder / Parent Advisory Board Member of www.drugfree.org.
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