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Prosthetic Arm Wins Best in Show at Science Fair

Projects ranged in variety from a student who grew mold to a solar oven

Of 104 projects, a complex prosthetic arm won Best in Show at Lacey Township High School’s 30th annual Science Fair Thursday.

Students throughout the high school developed science projects that were presented in class. From there, projects were selected and entered in the Science Fair.

“This year, there are really high quality projects,” Assistant Principal Jeff Brewer said.

Projects ranged in variety from a student who grew mold to a solar oven. One student determined that the light of t he anglerfish allows it to hunt in deep waters more efficiently while another found that the length of a lacrosse stick affects its throwing capability.

Less projects were submitted this year as some were impacted by Hurricane Sandy, Brewer said.

Below is the list of winners: 

Applied Art A

  • First Place: Zachary Benjamin, Angler Fish
  • Second Place: Carly Miller and Nevada Nicolette, Let’s Get Crackin
  • Third Place: Jewel Nyhuis, Sea Turtles
  • Honorable Mention: Isabella Perry, Hela Cells
  • Honorable Mention: Claire Salisbury, Polar Bears and Global Warming

Applied Art B

  • First Place: Casey Aceto, Orbit Sun
  • Second Place: Leah Korygoski, Artificial Reefs Impacting New Jersey Ecosystem
  • Third Place: Harry Wolansky, Polar Bear

Demonstration A

  • First Place: Gina Gesualdi, Homemade Sunscreen
  • Second Place: Dan Weir, What Removes Iron From Raw Water Best?
  • Third Place: John Rice, The Effects of Electricity on pH of Salt Solution
  • Honorable Mention: Abby Gauthier, Color and Taste

Demonstration B

  • First Place: Ben Smith, Can Fastskins Help You Swim Faster?
  • Second Place: Trace Dittenhofer, How Can a Sailboat Travel Faster than the Wind, Which Propels it?
  • Third Place: Matt Turczmanovicz, The Death of an Orange
  • Honorable Mention: Rebecca Martin, How do you Measure the Speed of Light Using a Microwave?
  • Honorable Mention: Matt Opacity, Brian McCarron, Lauren Miklosey, Does the Length of a Lacrosse Stick Affect its Throwing Ability?
  • Honorable Mention: Christina Vanberkel, Sunsets

Computer Science/CADD

  • First Place: Carla Noshi, How do Time and the Amount of Pixels Affect the Smoothness of an Animation?


  • First Place: Gavin Rozzi, How do Chemical Herbicides Affect Crops?
  • Second Place: Rachel Horvath, The Immortal Jellyfish

Green Project

  • First Place: Nicole Ashenfelder, Cooking with Solar Power
  • Second Place: Nicole Fiore, Iridology and Natural Remedies
  • Third Place: Erin Pawlowski, How does a Declining Oyster Population Affect Barnegat Bay?
  • Honorable Mention: Sara Bielat, Green Building Design

Classical Experiment A

  • First Place: Brendan Walsh, How Quickly Mold Grows on Sheetrock when Exposed to Different Types of Water?
  • Second Place: Alexa Nitka, Hidden Sugars in Food
  • Third Place: Jamie Harland, Does Whole Milk Spoil at the Same Rate as 2 Percent Milk and Skim?
  • Honorable Mention: Erika Schoenberg, Yogurt Making: Can you Tell What Milk Made your Yogurt?
  • Honorable Mention: Amelia Pawlowski, How does Salt Water Affect Plant Growth?
  • Honorable Mention: Bryan Magerowski, What Factors Affect the Rate of Solubility?
  • Honorable Mention: Hayley Haggerty, Pepsimax-imize your Results

Classical Experiment B

  • First Place: Carly Regan, How does Racquet Tension Affect the Speed of a Serve?
  • Second Place: Kyle Hanula, How does Temperature Affect the Rebound Rate of a Golf Ball?
  • Third Place: Maria Nitka, Got Sun?
  • Honorable Mention: Madeline Clark, Can you get an Egg in a Bottle?

Best in Show: Samantha Ferreras, What are the Principles and Applications of Building a Prosthetic Arm?


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