District Approves Policy for Bring Your Own Device Initiative

Two other technology-driven policies were approved

The board approved three technology-driven policies, including “Student Use of Privately-Owned Technology.”

The policy, which goes hand-in-hand with the district’s new Bring Your Own Device initiative, permits students to use technology devices such as a iPad or smart phone while in school as long as they follow the provisions.

To use a privately owned technology device, the student must have the approval of their parent or legal guardian and the school teaching staff member, the policy says. Use of devices may be permitted or prohibited at the teacher’s discretion.

For more on this policy, read "School Board Approves First Reading of Policy for Bring Your Own Device Initiative."

The district also approved a second reading that revises two other policies: “Acceptable Use of Computer Networks/Computers and Resources” and “Use of Electronic Communication and Recording Devices.”

The “Use of Electronic Communication and Recording Devices” policy prohibits students from using audio or video recorders, including on phones, unless they’re in an emergency situation or have the permission of a school staff member with supervision.

The “Acceptable Use of Computer Networks/Computers and Resources” policy adopts standards of conduct for the use of computer networks and declares unethical, unacceptable, or illegal behavior as a just cause for taking disciplinary action.

Each of the policies is included in the November board agenda, which is attached to this story as a PDF.


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