How One Pledge Changed the World

An example of how one act of kindness can snowball into changing the world

A Repay Someday pledge was made for Jim who was down on his luck.

Getting that one pledge inspired him to go out and do some good deeds.

From that, he receives a handful of more pledges.

He then decides to put in a request to his pledge list to help him find his dream job.

About a month later one of the people who made a pledge for Jim helps him land the job he’s always wanted.

He is so excited to have his new research job, he works tirelessly at it. He soon finds a cure for a terrible disease that plagues millions.

He believes in the Repay Someday project so much that he gives the cure away for FREE. What? He could have been an instant billionaire? But he gave it away for FREE, this guy is crazy. But his ultimate goal was to help as many people as possible.
From doing that Jim gets 32 million pledges in two days. (I don’t think we can handle that many yet).

Mark Zuckerberg quickly hears about the story and is so inspired he writes the code to make a one click Repay Someday pledge app that can be used across all social platforms. (hint hint Mark)

From the 32 million pledges Jim receives, 5 million ended up being gift tshirt pledges.

Five million tshirts. What is he going to do with 5 million tshirts? Easy. He gives them out to the homeless.

Those 5 million homeless then get inspired and go out and do some good deeds as well as each make 10 pledges for others. Oh wow, 50 million pledges are sent out and those people are like, “I want to keep getting more pledges. I need to figure out a way to spend more time helping others.”

Anyway, back to Jim, he inspired so many and was loved by the masses, no one would let him pay for anything. But that is good because he still barely had any money.

Eventually he decided he wanted to buy a house. He put in a request to his Repay Someday list asking for 10 cents from each pledge to help raise money to buy a home. Ten cents, what? For the guy who gave away that cure for FREE? Everyone on his list donated $100, that comes out to something like $3.2 billion!

But when he goes to buy the home the sellers actually donates it to him because he saved their mother’s life by giving away the cure. They knew they would have bankrupted if they had to pay for it and they were forever grateful to him.

Oh boy, but then the IRS comes knocking on Jim’s door. “You have to pay a really really really lot of taxes on that $3.2 billion.” But then each of the IRS agents check our Repay Someday app (you know the one Zuckerberg set up) and 22 of the 30 agents there had made a pledge to help Jim. They quickly figured out a legal way for him to only pay $1 of tax on $3.2 billion.

Jim is so grateful that he uses his billions to pay down the US federal debt.

Yeah, everyone’s taxes are lowered so they don’t have to work on the weekend anymore. Since everyone isn’t so busy trying to make extra $ they all start doing more good deeds.

What? A whole country trying to help each other? What a mess that would be? (that is a joke for all you un-humorous ones).

By this point our guy Jim has over 1 billion pledges.

Now get this, he doesn’t even run for president but he wins by a write in ballot. He receives the Nobel Peace prize and gets Justin Beiber to sing at his birthday party (he has a 10 year old daughter at this point). People are basically trying to find ways to help him. By this time the Someday Repay project has evolved and it now allows people to leave pledges in their will. Jim now has over a billion pledges he can leave for his children to make sure they will always be ok.

From all this, China is like, “We can’t let America beat us at this Repay Someday thing!” So they make a national program to see who can get the most Repay Someday pledges. From that program they figure out a way to end pollution and fix global warming.

That makes farming much better and food and clean water are much more plentiful. Whole countries are so grateful they actually start making whole country pledges for each other.

This is crazy. People helping people. Countries helping countries. Clean water and food for everyone. Or is it? It all starts with one pledge. Make one today and start changing the world. Our kids will thank us for it, or maybe make a pledge for us   www.RepaySomeday.com . It is free and easy and can maybe change the world!

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