Wild Bill's Food Truck to Remain at Popcorn Park Without a Site Plan Waiver

The food truck, which donates a portion of its profits to the zoo, will return to the Planning Board in October for administrative approval

Wild Bill’s Chuck Wagon will be able to remain at Popcorn Park Zoo without going before the Planning Board for site plan approval, for now.

The food truck came to the township four or five years ago to be stationed part time at Popcorn Park Zoo, Committeeman and Planning Board Member Gary Quinn said. The applicant received administrative approval, which has been extended each year.

At Monday night’s Planning Board meeting, the board discussed whether it should continue to grant the applicant administrative approval to remain at Popcorn Park or if it should return for a site plan waiver.

“What is the impact to the township to have a food operation out there without a site plan?” board member John Curtin said.

Quinn said it wasn’t a matter of impact to the township because Wild Bill’s benefits the nonprofit.

“This food service serves a different purpose than other food trucks,” he said.

Since Wild Bill’s began operation in Lacey Township, zoning laws have changed. Business stands are no longer a permitted use in town because they compete with local businesses that pay taxes and bills, Committeeman Gary Quinn previously said when an issue with Dewey’s Dogs arose.

Quinn also cited that a year and a half ago, Route 9 in Bayville was lined with mobile food trucks, which caused complications with businesses, landlords, the Board of Health and the police department.

Dewey’s, a food truck originally located at the intersection of Route 9 and Lakeside Drive South, had to search for a new location once to be built on the same lot.

When operator Anthony Geiger found a new lot to park his truck, his to the township’s ordinance.

But 20 percent of Wild Bill’s profits go to Popcorn Park, which is a major source of revenue for the organization that is a safe haven for all animals, Quinn said. That revenue has become especially important to Popcorn Park since the township opted to use an outside company for animal control.

“We don’t want the offender in town,” Quinn said of the food truck.

Also, having the food truck appear before the Planning Board for a site plan waiver would pose another financial problem for Popcorn Park, he said. Rather than Wild Bill’s Chuck Wagon dealing with the issue, Popcorn Park would have to come in because it is their site.

“I think it would be a hardship on a group that’s really trying to do so much good,” Quinn said. “Whether you like animals or not, they’re still serving a purpose throughout this town and the state.”

The applicant will return to the Planning Board next month for administrative approval, which will be good for another year.

ed crowley September 11, 2012 at 10:29 PM
Do the rules not apply to all. Does the town favor a cause over someones job? Did the town offer Dewey this type of plan. The offender is in town unless Bamber Lake is outside of the town. Mr. Most might disagree that Bamber is not part of the town.
Booner September 13, 2012 at 01:14 PM
No way. If other vendors are not permitted, then neither should Wild Bills. This town always seems to have selective enforcement. Just like the Popcorn park can have 30+ cars parked on the opposite side of Lacey Rd., on the grass that is not even their property, and other businesses are required to have a parking lot with site plans, curbing, traffic signs and lettering, drainage, etc. Because they are non profit? Let me tell you they fund plenty of other organizations, and the top people there have salaries that would make you sick.
Winston Smith September 13, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Leave Popcorn alone! They are way the hell out in the Boonies and are an Island onto themselves. So sick of freedom hating busy bodies. Stick your facist laws up your collective butts. And stop counting other peoples money, its lame.
Booner September 13, 2012 at 06:08 PM
Leave them alone?!? Im just stating a fact. I have lived in lacey for 42 yrs, and own a business, so I think I speak for quite a few people. The ordinances that lacey has implemented have hurt some and helped some. However, they are in place. They should not look away from some businesses, and not others. We are all in this togather. And the statement that "they are way the hell out in the boonies" is just ignorant. First off, its like 7 miles from the Parkway. That may be far for a city slicker like yourself, but thats really not the "Boonies". And lastly, i really dont care what anyone makes. However, when you as a business are thriving, but are not treated as the rest of the businesses in town, I see a problem with that, and I belive everyone should.
y o y in this world October 10, 2012 at 02:53 PM
if u do it to 1 do it to all. since dewey had to go make them all go. to many food places. empty spaces. clean up the place.


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