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Planning Board Grants One-Year Approval to Wild Bill's Food Truck

Wild Bill's Chuck Wagon will remain at Popcorn Park without a site plan waiver but will have to return to the Planning Board in another year for administrative approval again

Wild Bill’s Chuck Wagon will be able to remain at Popcorn Park Zoo without going before the township for site plan approval, for now, after the Planning Board approved its resolution.

The food truck came to the township four or five years ago to be stationed part-time at Popcorn Park Zoo, Committeeman and Planning Board Member Gary Quinn previously said. The applicant received administrative approval, which has been extended each year.

The applicant had previously asked the board to consider granting a waiver for an extended period of time such as five or 10 years before returning for administrative approval because of cost.

 to remain at Popcorn Park or if it should return for a site plan waiver.

Because township’s zoning laws have changed regarding the operation of food trucks since Wild Bill’s Chuck Wagon’s original approval, the board weighed the good with the bad then.

Business stands are no longer a permitted use in town because they compete with local businesses that pay taxes, Quinn previously said when an issue with Dewey’s Dogs arose. An office building is being built where Dewey’s was formally located, and the food truck had to relocate to a storefront.

But Quinn said it wasn’t a matter of impact to the township because Wild Bill’s benefits Popcorn Park Zoo, with 50 percent of the beverage and 10 percent of the food profits going to the animal rescue organization. Returning for a site plan waiver would be a great expense.

The board agreed to allow Wild Bill’s to remain without requiring a site plan but did not grant him extended approval.


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