Planning Board Agenda, Dec. 10

Return to Lacey Patch at 7 p.m. for live coverage

Below is the agenda for the Planning Board meeting. Return to Lacey Patch at 7 p.m. for live coverage.

Regular Meeting Agenda
Monday, Dec. 10 
7:00 p.m. Opening Announcement, Flag Salute, Roll Call

Vouchers submitted by:
Joseph Coronato, Esq., Gravatt Consulting, Susan Connor

Minutes to be Voted Upon:
November 13th, 2012 Regular Meeting Minutes
(Eligible to Vote: Cortese, Slota, Curtin, Whitleigh, Quinn, Dykoff, Wood, Kennis )

Resolutions to be Voted on:

Application #12-ADM-09  
Administrative Approval / Site Plan Waiver
Block: 1584, Lot: 1.01, Tax Map: 73
Submitted by: Lacey Municipal Utilities Authority /Applicant

Application #12-MnS-02  
Minor Subdivision Approval  
Block: 804, Lot: 2-4, Tax Map: 44
Submitted by: Bradley Hoyt /Applicant. 

Application #12-SP-08  
Preliminary & Final Major Site Plan w/ Variances  
Block: 1588, Lot: 16-20, Tax Map: 72
Submitted by: Lacey Municipal Utilities Authority /Applicant. 

A. ) Applications for Technical Completeness:


B. ) Applications for Site Plan Waiver/Administrative Approval:

b.1) Application #12-ADM-10
Site Plan Waiver / Administrative Approval
Block: 1427, Lot: 1.01, Tax Map: 68
305 Lacey Road, Forked River
Submitted by: Richard Holzer / Applicant

C. ) Applications for Public Hearing:

c-1) Application 12-Mns-03
Minor Subdivision w/ Variances
(Creation of (2) two lots)
Block: 1306, Lot: 9-13, Tax Map: 64
Hollywood Drive, Forked River
Prepared by: East Coast Engineering
Submitted by David Verge / Applicant

D.) Items for discussion

E.) General land use matter

F.) Comments from the members and staff


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