Could be Days Before Full Power Restoration, Township Says

Township assessed property in flooded areas, some of which are a complete loss

Power is slowly returning to Lacey residents as the township tries to bounce back after being pummeled by Hurricane Sandy.

Electric was restored to residents in portions of Lanoka Harbor, Municipal Clerk and Township Administrator Veronica Laureigh said.

Town hall and the police department still await electricity with thousands of other residents, she said. A generator is still being worked on.

“JCP&L are in town and vigorously working to restore power,” she said. “As the power company removes wires from the downed trees, the Department of Public Works goes in and removes the road blockage.”

Then JCP&L can restore power, she said.

“We still may be looking at days for full restoration,” she said.

The exact number of residents still without power is currently unknown as JCP&L has yet to update its outage map. The last figure was at 10,597.

The township assessed properties in the flooded areas of Lacey today. Congressman Jon Runyan along with Mayor Mark Dykoff and Chief Bill Nelly toured the town today.

“We have structures that appear to be complete losses,” Laureigh said. “Roadways along the waterfront have been compromised and drainage systems.”

Water has receded from low-lying areas, she said, but homes may not be habitable.

The state, county and township are still in a state of emergency, Laureigh said.

As the strong winds of Hurricane Sandy flooded roadways as well as took down trees, utility poles and wires, driving is still restricted. The township is asking for limited access to those areas east of Route 9. Only residents are permitted.

Lacey’s water system was not compromised and residents do not have to boil their water, she said. Pumping stations are also up and running.

The township is waiting for communication from FEMA and the state and will notify residents and Lacey Patch once information is made available.

The following statement was released from the township earlier Wednesday:

We are left speechless when witnessing first hand the incredible power of the weather. I am sure you are all feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, lost and heartbroken over the unknown of what awaits when we all assess our homes and property. Hurricane Sandy has come and gone and no doubt left a mark, it is not a permanent one. Perhaps in our memories, as this storm will certainly be a benchmark one historically. But what is lost can be rebuilt. Sometimes a tragic event, weatherwise or otherwise, can bring out the best in all of us. Our police, emergency responders and public works, who acted so quickly and courageously during Sandy, are the first sign of this. And now all of us, as proud Lacey Township residents and neighbors, can come together and reunite, rebuild and restore our community to the incredible place that it is and will soon be again. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you adversely impacted during this storm. Please continue to be safe.

Clean Up:

  • Recycling resumed on Wednesday. Garbage will resume on Thursday, Nov. 1. Pick up will occur on your next regular scheduled day.
  • Trees, branches and limbs can be placed in bundles at four-foot lengths, weighing no more than 75 pounds at curbside starting Monday, Nov. 5. Pick up will be on your regular recycling day within the next two-week period. This debris can also be brought to the recycling center. After Friday, Nov. 16, curbside pick up will not be available.
  • Residents east of Route 9 can dispose of lost items such as household furniture, bedding and clothing curbside beginning Monday, Nov. 5. All garbage should be packaged according to pick up regulations. This pick up will also be until Friday, Nov. 16. After that date, arrangements are the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Construction debris cannot be disposed of through garbage or recycling pick up. Residents will need to acquire dumpsters to transport the material to landfills.
  • Food waste can be disposed of through the normal garbage pickup.

Important Alerts:

  • Lacey schools are closed until Monday, Nov. 5. For more information on the closure and how the district can help, click here.
  • Trick or treating will take place on Nov. 5.
  • Municipal Offices are open with available phones. Internet and email is currently not available at the township.
  • A free charging station has been set up by a local resident at 69 Haines St., in Lanoka Harbor. Story to follow.

Continue to follow Lacey Patch as the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy unravels. Also, like us on Facebook.

Richard Hurts November 01, 2012 at 02:30 AM
Bundle my ass. Pick these tree limbs or they are dumped in the middle of Lacey rd
Robatboat November 01, 2012 at 12:29 PM
What's being done to prevent looting . Last night 10pm I received a call from a full time neighbor asking me what I was doing ? He saw lights and a truck in my back yard. I was not there I told him .He and some of my other full time neighbors on Capstan dr went to check out along with the local cops and found my house secure but ruts made by a truck in my back yard. I am lucky to have great neighbors .


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