Committee Agenda, Sept. 27

Join Lacey Patch for live coverage at 7 p.m.

There is a township Committee meeting at the Municipal Building at 7 p.m. Return to Lacey Patch for live coverage.

Below is the agenda for tonight's meeting:

Caucus Meeting

1. Municipal Alliance 5K Race – Mayor’s Trophy

2. Governor’s Proclamation for September 11th

3. Rotary Club of Forked River

4. Request for ordinance consideration – Invasive Plants

5. One-day Social Affairs Permits

A. Lacey Elks, October 21st and November 30

6. Records Disposal Request – Tax Collector Office

7. Special Use Permit – TD Bank Route Lacey Road Location

8. Resolution #2012-231 authorizing the convening of an executive session

Township Meeting

1. Resolution #2012-232 awarding a contract to Brick Wall Corporation for the purchase of Bulk Bituminous Material

2. Resolution #2012-233 awarding a contract to Jesco, Inc. for the Rental of Loaders for the Fall Leaf Collection and the Winter Snow Season

3. Resolution #2012-234 authorizing the execution of a contract with the FOP Lodge 202

4. Resolution #2012-235 authorizing the receipt of bids for three Ford Explorer Police Utility Vehicles

5. Resolution #2012-236 authorizing the receipt of bids for the demolition of the building on block 1837, lot 8.02

6. Resolution #2012-237 authorizing the placement of a lien on block 822, lot 5 for property maintenance

7. Resolution #2012-238 cancelling certain tax credits

8. Resolution #2012-239 cancelling certain tax overpayments on exempt properties

9. Resolution #2012-240 authorizing the cancellation of taxes due to a 100% Disabled Veterans Status

10. Resolution #2012-241 authorizing the refund of deposit monies

11. Resolution #2012-242 authorizing the payment of Township Bills

12. Motion to approve the Township Meeting Minutes of September 13, 2012

13. Motion to approve the Caucus Meeting Minutes of September 13, 2012

Comments from the Committee       

Comments from the public


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