After Complaints, Lacey To Crack Down on Residential Car Repair Businesses

Committee: quality of life issues resulting from proliferation of home-based car repair businesses

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
The Lacey Township Committee has committed to tackling the growing issue of home-based car repair shops springing up in the township, a problem that has prompted quality-of-life complaints from some residents.

Mayor Gary Quinn said Thursday that car repair businesses have proliferated in town recently, causing angst for neighbors who are complaining about lines of cars being dropped off at homes as well as environmental issues.

“We’re having some major problems around town,” Quinn said. “I’ve had three individuals call me about situations occurring in residential neighborhoods with repair shops being run from residential homes. We need to have something on the books.”

Complaints have included one resident who reported cars not only being constantly dropped off at a neighbor’s home, but tow trucks dropping cars off at all hours of the night, including a recent 4 a.m. dropoff.

Lacey would join some other local communities, such as Brick Township, in banning the practice of home-based car repair businesses, though Quinn said any ordinance would not interfere with residents who wanted to complete personal car repairs on their property. It would only affect people running repair businesses.

In addition to the quality of life concerns raised by neighbors, Quinn said, there are environmental concerns since the disposal of fluids such as motor oil is not regulated.

Township Attorney Lauren Staiger said she would review ordinances on the books in other local communities and provide options to committee members.

Staiger said an ordinance could be up for introduction at an upcoming meeting.
Doug Hart March 01, 2014 at 10:25 AM
Also dont wanna hear 10 babies cry either when the neighbor decides she gonna start baby sitting for extra cash.but you deal with it because some are just trying to make end meet.and why would u let your kids play in the front yard close to the street isnt that what a back yard is for?
The Captain March 04, 2014 at 06:35 AM
Im with Yates that we certainly dont need any more trouble causing laws or regulations . They are one of the things truly destroying peoples quality of life. There are too many of them now and people have too little power and towns and government has far too much already. I get that people pay taxes and dont need to be disturbed and see cars everywhere but Im sure there are plenty of laws now that cover this including zoning laws. Take a video of this "huge car business" and file a complaint. Nuff said. In this town you need to pay like $800 and get a variance in order to move your fence like 5 ft according to a friend of mine who went thru it. Lacey is starting to mimic big government with these insane fees, taxes and laws. We need to stop doing this to people and leave them alone. Pissed off residents are the last thing you want to create. And too many laws and fees will do just that. Leave people alone its that simple. And if you wanna clean things up I can think of a dozen off hand in Lacey that have been an eyesore since before the millennium. Im sure most people know exactly which ones Im talking about.
DJD March 04, 2014 at 01:36 PM
Here is the problem with this. First you need to have a business permit and the zoning to have the repair shop. The means to collect oils and other chemical that would harm the ground waters in the area. The space to have multiple cars parked. ( not on the street or on the front lawn ). Pay their taxes and mortgage. This so called repair shop or just a good guy fixing cars for free.. Would you want this next to your home and if you say you would you are fooling yourself. You don't buy a house in a residential area to live next to a repair shop. So if you want to work on cars go rent a garage that is zone for it and have a great business.
grace March 07, 2014 at 05:57 PM
@ djd right on


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