Traffic Map: Live Road Conditions in Lacey During Snow Storm

What conditions are unfolding on area roads? In the attached live traffic map of Lacey, incidents are posted and updated every five minutes from Mapquest using state police and transportation department data on current conditions.

Speed restrictions are in place along the Garden State Parkway and local road conditions remain poor after about four inches of snow fell overnight in the area.

Areas in yellow or red denote traffic slowdowns and other incidents. Check the map before heading out to see where weather is impacting roadways or if traffic is building on the Parkway or Routes 37 or 70.
Dave Sleeper January 03, 2014 at 08:05 PM
Oh yeah. Now I can plan my day accordingly. Instead of driving down Lacey road I can drive down Lacey road. With all this technology....what a great time to be alive! Looks like another 3 car back up over at Wendy's. I'll take the alternate route.
Joey Joe January 03, 2014 at 10:40 PM
@Dave - I hear your frustration with the Media... They seem to make every little dumb ass storm which in actuality is merely an inconvenience and turn it into a natural disaster. WOW, did you see any of the TV News shows prior to the first inch of snow? OMG you would think that the world as we know it was in jeopardy. I just don't get it... This stuff never happened back in the day. You'd hear it was going to snow and you'd make sure all your shovels, salt, and if lucky snow blower was available and at arms reach and then you'd carry out your day... NO NEED FOR ALL THE SENSATIONALISM.. Now we even name each and every damn storm... This last one was Hercules... "REALLY" 7-10 inches of snow, cold and windy... and they gave it a name? GEE, it sounds like FRIGGIN WINTER TO ME... IF it were to happen in July, well then I'd probably be able to see all the fluff... Gee, didn't we really have it rough? Lacey Road was plowed salted and virtually only wet by noon time, the GSP was slightly wet... by this time tomorrow it will be dry and white from all the chemicals placed on it. The Side streets will be slippery and it'll be cold and windy... AGAIN, we had a snow storm and it's WINTER... STOP ALREADY... All we are doing is making a whole new generation of Nambe Pambies, who are and will follow the lead of the existing Nambe Pambie .. who keep and will continue to keep everything closed... school, government, etc. STOP THE MADDNESS NOW... do you think people who live in Minn., Ill., WS., are like this? NO, they are not !!!


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