State Police Arrest Barnegat Residents In Connection With Shooting Their Pit Bull, Report Says

Tuckerton couple rescued bloody and limping dog on Route 9 in New Gretna in March

Dog recovering at Stafford Veterinary Hospital
Dog recovering at Stafford Veterinary Hospital

An Ocean County family has been arrested and charged by the New Jersey State Police in connection with the shooting of their pit bull in March who was found bleeding and limping on Route 9 in New Gretna, Burlington County, according to a report in The Press of Atlantic City.

Anthony Sammarco Sr., 40, was arrested Monday by State Police and charged with conspiracy of possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, conspiracy for unlawful possession of a weapon and conspiracy for certain persons not to have a weapon, a news release from the State Police Tuckerton Station said.

Anthony Sammarco Jr., 20, and his 22-year-old girlfriend, Alexis Abbato, were both charged Monday with hindering an investigation into their dog’s shooting, police said.

To read the entire story, click here: http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/breaking/ocean-county-family-charged-in-shooting-of-pit-bull...

Robert Yates May 22, 2014 at 09:20 AM
I can explain the contradiction @Mr. Happy. Certain things are more important to me than my political principles, like say the lives and well being of my family. If I do not pay taxes and resist the subsequent collection attempts, people like you will kill me. I am not prepared to lose my life for my political principles; at least not until my family can support themselves. Just remember Mr. Happy people like you are not only detestable because you steal, but also because you enslave and kill; all under the color of law.
Brandy the Dog May 22, 2014 at 10:48 AM
This, from Mr Yappy's favorite rag (Star Ledger) has to tell you something:" Jets tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. was arrested for possession of synthetic marijuana outside a Target in East Hanover back in November, police were called to the scene because a woman thought she saw him masturbating in his vehicle in the parking lot, according to court documents... By the time police arrived, an officer found Winslow allegedly "slouched in his seat and moving around." Winslow sprang to an upright position when the officer arrived. When the cop asked Winslow what he was doing, Winslow allegedly said he was looking for Boston Market but was lost. The cop noticed Winslow was wearing "dark colored" sweatpants and wrote that "his genitals were not exposed." But the cop also noticed "two open containers of Vaseline on his center console" and plastic bags marked "Mr. Happy" and empty plastic containers of "Funky Monkey" scattered throughout the vehicle. Winslow allegedly told police he smoked the "Mr. Happy" and "Funky Monkey" at his home to relax because the NFL doesn't drug test for it, and that he buys the stuff on the internet and at gas stations. Police say he consented to a vehicle search, and after a few items were seized into evidence, Winslow was free to go. Update: Winslow, through his publicist, says he was changing his clothes."
Mr. Happy May 22, 2014 at 12:48 PM
People like me will kill you if you fail to pay taxes. A bit more hyperbole, no? Face it Yatesy, you sit at a computer and write manifestos about the government having no authority, then you fund all levels of government every day through any number of taxes. Can't have it both ways. Either admit you are a good citizen or take a stand with civil disobedience.
Robert Yates May 22, 2014 at 01:58 PM
@Mr. Happy: again, there is no hyperbole. Why don't you try refusing to pay your property taxes and then refusing to allow law enforcement to enter your property when they try to steal your house. We all know what happens next, so no hyperbole here. And since you seem to think that paying taxes is tantamount to paying homage to the government, perhaps an example will help you understand. Suppose you are traveling in your car with your whole family - and while stuck in traffic - a gang of thieves surround you car and demand that you pay them a sum of money or else they will riddle said car with bullets. Unless you have a death wish, you are going to pay the money. That is the situation tax payers are in. There is no homage. It is called reluctant submission in order to live another day. Nonviolent civil disobedience is certainly the ideal response, but not when you have a family to support. You are correct that I am tacitly supporting the dastardly acts of government by paying taxes, and that is my issue to deal with, but at least I don't sit back and sadistically take pleasure at the pain I am causing.
Brandy the Dog May 22, 2014 at 02:28 PM
This is nonsense! Mr Yappy doesn't pay property tax- his mother does. The only skin he has in the game is a an advocate for Queer Nation that he staunchly revered on these boards while "campaigning" for Cory Booker last fall. He has also repeatedly advocated an "in your face" demonstrative and flamboyant gay rights agenda. I really don't care what Mr Yappy does in the sanctity of his bedroom in his Mothers house, but he should certainly keep his gauche and boorish behavior to himself. Further, he should refrain from any commentary on paying property tax because he doesn't know the first thing about it. Just ask anyone in Point Pleasant and you'll find out who is mosy certainly the fraud here.


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