Lanoka Harbor EMS Secures Grant for ATV

The all-terrain vehicle will enable the EMS squad to respond quickly to injuries and drive in areas an ambulance could not go

The Lanoka Harbor EMS squad will soon have the ability to make rescues with a new all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

“It will just give us a lot of ability today,” Chief Bob Resetar said. “Yes, we’ve done without it for so many years but that doesn’t mean it’s the right way to do it. It will give us a whole lot of response capability that we didn’t have before.”

The squad was awarded a 100 percent reimbursement grant by the state Department of Homeland Security. The township will have to shell out $79,400 for the vehicle and will later get reimbursed.

The vehicle will give the squad the ability to respond more quickly to scenes, Resetar said.

“There’s a lot of different types of events where it would be useful on an ongoing basis,” he said.

During the December blizzard, EMS members had to carry patients on their backs to ambulances on street corners, Resetar said.

“With the ATV ability, we won’t have to do that anymore,” he said. “It will ride right on top of the snow.”

The squad can use the ATV for mutual aid to assist the Bamber Lake Fire Department when there are accidents in the woods, Resetar said. The vehicle will allow the EMS team to get into the scene with a small unit.

The ATV will more easily fit onto the high school football field, respond quickly to injuries at the township fireworks show, and drive on terrain the ambulance could not go, he said.

As a member of the New Jersey State EMS Task Force, the Lanoka Harbor EMS was able to apply for the grant, he said. The ATV will be made available across the county and state.

The Polaris 6x6 ATV will have an ambulance box on the back and also comes with an 18-foot trailer. It is expected to arrive in early February.

Committeewoman Helen DelaCruz thanked Lanoka Harbor EMS for securing the grant.

In September,

Committeeman Dave Most applauded the emergency services for looking into additional ways to receive funds, although the township matches attached to each grant do make him nervous.

“This is vital equipment that can save peoples lives,” he said.

Silver dollar January 05, 2012 at 03:01 AM
Keven The town buy's it ,and when they do get it the Dept of home land security gives the town back all the money they used to buy it. All the taxpayer pays for is the gas and maintance from there on
resident January 05, 2012 at 06:31 PM
Kevin, These ASAPs are utilized by the New Jersey EMS Task Force, and were tested multiple times in different environments exactly for the issues you address. When it comes down to it, this vehicle is one of the most versatile vehicles that you can use when patients are unable to be reached with traditional equipment. When we had the bad blizzard last year, the ASAP in Newark was the only ambulance on the road that was able to get to people, because their dept of public works was furloughed and unable to clear the streets. As a member of Lanoka Harbor EMS, we tested the vehicle in our own area to make sure that it could and would handle our terrain before we went through with the grant. You would be surprised, even with a full load in the box, this vehicle is not as top heavy as it looks. Also, please take into consideration that this vehicle will not be driven like an racing atv or through the woods at 40mph.
Matt January 08, 2012 at 06:17 PM
overtaxed/kevin, the taxpayers do not pay for maintenance. Lanoka Harbor EMS will maintain this vehicle, as they do with their every single other vehicle in their fleet.
Matt January 08, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Independently Tested by the Transportation Research Center for: Tilt Table Slope Climbing Braking Received designation of: "Unmatched Safety for Off-Road Specialty Vehicles"
Richard Skinner February 28, 2012 at 11:44 PM
Guys, This vehicle is great! I used one when I was on a FD up north. It is properly set up so that it is not top heavy. Do you think such a thing could be used if it was unsafe? Good Job Bob Resatar and the crew at Squad 26. Well Done as always!


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