Lacey's "Meet-The-Officers" Day

The members of the Lacey Township Police Department would like to thank the nearly one thousand residents who participated in the "Meet-the-Officers" Day event at the Lacey Township Middle School on Saturday.

The members of the police department as well as the other volunteers who assisted thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the children and their parents.

The four-hour event provided a unique opportunity for the police officers and department staff who work varying shifts to come together and interact with the public in a very positive and enjoyable atmosphere. We all enjoyed the event and again thank the community for the overwhelming turnout and support. 
can February 10, 2014 at 12:10 PM
Lol wait for them to get old enough for a cop to smooze a police report on one of the kids they don't "like" because god forbid you step on a pigs ego.


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