Lacey Burglary Investigation Leads to Heroin Discovery, Arrest

Lacey resident, 26, also facing charges he stole and pawned $27K worth of jewelry

Lacey police, continuing an investigation into a string of burglaries that occurred last summer, said they searched a Bay Way home Wednesday and recovered a stash of heroin.

The target of the investigations, 26-year-old Anthony Sestito, was arrested and charged with theft of moveable property – $27,000 worth of jewelry – in the burglaries, as well as with possession of 92 wax folds of heroin which were found during the search, police said.

According to Chief David Paprota, the stolen jewelry was not recovered as the investigation revealed the stolen items had been sold or pawned.

Sestito was transported to the Ocean County Jail in default of $50,000 cash bail. Jail records did not list Sestito as an inmate on Thursday night.
voiceofreason December 13, 2013 at 09:12 PM
Hey Gustavo, do you think I bring up the pawn shop because I have nothing better to do? Just to bring to light what scum they are over there, And I will get personal here to make you all understand what a problem this is. My son is a recovering addict. He has sold my personal items in that pawn shop. I have asked them repeatedly not to buy from him explaining to them that that he has a drug problem. His name is posted in their computer as "do not buy from". Not only did they make me buy my items back after asking them nicely not to buy stolen goods from him. They did it over and over again. Now that my son is thankfully in recovery he told me that the last time he went in there with stolen goods , they pulled his name up as "DO NOT BUY FROM", however since some time had past they said they would let it go. All they were worried about was getting there hands on the $400 guitar that they paid him $30 bucks for. Full knowing that he has a drug problem, and brings them stolen goods. I promptly reported this all to LTPD. I filed a report and was told that "they would look into it" I never heard a word back. I fought for the police report for months. I just finally got it. I happen to know for a fact that several people in this town with family members with addiction problems have sold stolen goods to that pawn shop. A good friend recently bought back her engagement ring. What good excuse do you have for them now? when they where told several times not to buy from him, his name is clearly posted in the computer system, however they buy from him anyway???? I never said that its the pawn shops fault that my son has an addiction problem( i don't play the blame game)so please don't go there. All im saying is they are not helping the issue in this town. Its gotten worse since they have opened there doors. Period.
voiceofreason December 13, 2013 at 09:16 PM
Hmmm.. and I wonder if any of the $27K in jewelry in this case has been discovered in there?? Maybe just maybe Anthony was smart enough to take it to a pawn shop out of town.
JOHNNY Done it December 13, 2013 at 09:46 PM
Hopefully Anthony tries another line of work .Before he enters someones house who bares arms & cashes his ass in right where he stands
JOHNNY Done it December 13, 2013 at 09:55 PM
@voiceofreason you are correct the pawn shop is part of this triangle of crime always has been .He is undercutting to increase profit financial gain with stolen property than you got to buy it back..The recycling scrap yards are no better another set of criminals
voiceofreason December 13, 2013 at 10:55 PM
Johnny Done it ,Thanks, A reasonable person. IDK where these people come off. Must be friends with the business owners. I swear, if I wasn't worried about healing my family ( most important) I would sue the shit out of them. And Probably win. Although they have probably destroyed their computer hard drive by now. Your right the scrap yards are on the same level. Money rules. No one can ever tell me different.
voiceofreason December 13, 2013 at 10:56 PM
voiceofreason December 13, 2013 at 10:57 PM
*PIECES Was typing in anger , sorry
Gustavo@Los Pollos Hermanos inc . December 13, 2013 at 11:57 PM
Pardon & excuse me @ voice but I didn't mean to get under your skin ,I was just making a history channel /Chum lee /pawn stars joke . Everyone knows pawn shops are bottom feeders ,its no secret! A few years ago i went to fast cash to replaced my blackberry and when I got home and activated it, the buttons didn't work . I called immediately to say I'd be in for a refund my next day off and they ok'd me over the phone .i returned 3 day later and no refund . You stated ???what good excuse do I have for them now??? When did I become president of there customer service ? Maybe your blood pressure was boiling when you read my comment and misinterpreted 8:46 a.m."where would you think their ethical standards lay" ? "GOLD or do the right thing? My guess GOLD."& "IMO Chum lee is the only pawnshop guy with morals"maybe you got me confused with @WhyohWhy 10:07a.m." Local pawn shops unbeknownst to YOU closely work with police. As a matter of fact I'm gonna call Fast Cash tomorrow morning and say Gustavo and Voice said you are no F***ing Good! Please all patch peeps NO MORE @ Gustavo s . I quit , I retire,Last of the real Mohicans !Adios from Gustavo and SAY NO TO DOPE !
proud December 14, 2013 at 08:46 AM
Some commentators on this site come out of retirement more than Michael Jordan.
Robert Yates December 14, 2013 at 09:13 AM
@Mr. Happy: allow me to clarify. A private association of individuals (to my mind) is an association that is voluntarily joined and voluntarily left. The state and its actors do not fit this description. They are public individuals that get paid with extorted and confiscated money; all supported by the threat or use of violence and force. 1800-1900 was the time period that gave rise to our greatness because that was the time period that citizens were the most free; the most innovative and the least destructive. 1900-the present has seen unprecedented death and destruction to include without limitation people, property, the US dollar; US influence and ultimately freedom. While it is a whole other conversation, US involvement in both WW I and WW II could have been avoided if we did not have ideological busy-bodies in office.
voiceofreason December 14, 2013 at 12:08 PM
Gustavo@ yes I was boiling when I read your comment, this happens to be very personal to me. I want some reason( of course not from you) why we have to allow establishments like this and check cashing stores into our community without having a say in the matter. Then we have to turn a blind eye to their unscrupulous activities? What is a person to do when the police don't even do anything?? Yes, I could get a lawyer and TRY and sue them. However , right now all my finances contribute to having my son receive all the help he can get in his journey to recovery. And so they continue. You say they work closely with the Police? What exactly does that mean? And where in the world do they come off making people buy back their own property when its stolen goods and they KNOW IT for a a fact? What kind of people are these? For the good of the community that place should be forced out of town.
grace December 14, 2013 at 12:49 PM
well put @mr yates
grace December 14, 2013 at 12:53 PM
that finger thing is ridiculous @ gustavo i will give you that!! if its who ive heard of before word is family does alot of suing etc..kinda like father like son
grace December 14, 2013 at 01:00 PM
dear voiceof reason..truly feel your pain! that place should then be subject to fines!! hit them where it hurts..their pockets..keep hounding them
grace December 14, 2013 at 01:02 PM
#voice of reason let me know if you want to picket!!!!!
proud December 14, 2013 at 01:04 PM
@grace, @gus Perdue is retired.
grace December 14, 2013 at 01:22 PM
hi proud! lol we will see proud we will see.....
voiceofreason December 14, 2013 at 01:25 PM
Grace, I would love to picket that place. That's One of the reasons I continually post about it. I was hoping to get enough people who have personal interest. Lately every other person I talk to has a story. I don't understand why this is allowed? Why the police turn a blind eye? to hard to prove? NO ONE can tell me that this place hasn't made the drug situation worse in this town. I would post my information so u could contact me, but out of fear of personal verbal attacks from some of the people on here we cant do that. How would you like to get in contact?
grace December 14, 2013 at 01:30 PM
hi voice i have no personal business with that pawn shop or ever any except pawn stars on tv.. but i get what you are saying...if you get a group together to call the police or the shop itself just post it and then i will join in
Jimmy Decarlo December 14, 2013 at 03:33 PM
All of you people are so sadly mistaken when you say that the police is making "progess" with taking out all the heroin in Lacey/Ocean County... Youre all just fucking retarded if you ask me. You will NEVER stop the heroin movement or usage ANYWHERE completely to the point where there is none left. The more you try and fight it and rid it of the town, the higher and more powerful the supply and demand market will grow. Where do you think these people are getting this shit? You think they gather up and make it in their kitchen at night when there parents are sleeping!? lmfao NO! They go WAYYYYY out of town to get it, where the cops know NOT to go because if the cops try to bust anyone that is mass distributing this shit in that area they will die or get shot at. And I know for a fact that detective cornelius or Flynn or Wood or any DT in this town isnt gonna haul allllllllll the way up north to try and bust some big black dude with a gun in his waist ready to shoot anyone who tries to bust them. and if that black dude doesnt put a bullet in their chest then 1 of the 200 other black dudes around him will. So now you know that none of these cops or DEA will ever stop this "heroin epidemic" ... Theyre just making it stronger and helping the people selling it get better at what they do because it teaches them how to be alot more slick and under the radar. So just goes to show that whatever they do, i wont stop shit. Users are gunna keep using no matter what. Its embedded in their brain to keep using at all costs. Locking them up and throwing them in rehab isnt gunna do anything either. It just prolongs there addiction. Then they get out and go pick up twice as much and thats why so many people are dying. So all you scumbags pointing your fingers saying "ADDICT ADDICT ADDICT SCUMBAG SCUMBAG SCUMBAG CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL!!!" You people are the real scumbags who sit on your bright white horses with your golden fingers pointing at the people who suffer from addiction. Its not something to laugh about or criticize. Im an addict too. I just got out of rehab in september and ive been doing great ever since. I have my family back and all my friends that actually mean something to me. Im in recovery but im still an addict. Just because i dont do drugs now doesnt mean i go around putting people down about there drug use. You people who sit on this website and criticize all these people disgust me and you make me want to throw up. I hope you all get what you truely deserve someday and that is a brutal beat down. To the people who try to correct the people who point their fingers i support yo because maybe you understand what addicts go through. Maybe havent personally gone through addiction but have a rough draft of how terrible it can get. I was homeless in this shit hole town for4 months sleeping behind TJMAX just so i could wake up and go rightnto work their. I would never wish it upon my worst enemy. But maybe some of you assholes need to experience it first and so you can shut the fuck up and hve some pity for these people. Yes i understand their are some people as addicts who CHOOSE this life and do it on purpose YES i agree they are scumbags the ones who rob another addict in desperate need or money or product. THOSE are the scumbags of this town. But An addict who sits home and gets high and doesnt bother anyone around them doesnt steal or cheat they are the ones i have pity for because I would help them first. But this message was mostly just to inform you Laceyians that there is no stop to this heroin epidemic and its gonna keep growing and growing until people just learn to turn and look the other way. Thanks for reading.
proud December 14, 2013 at 06:52 PM
@Jimmy D, good to hear you're having success in dealing with your addiction. Perhaps, you can also tackle your racism and other discriminatory issues. You might also want to clean up the the foul mouth. You have a message inside of you, but who would take you seriously speaking the way that you do?
grace December 14, 2013 at 08:38 PM
@ jimmy decarlo i hear you ..now is there anything anyone can do to stop a child from using to begin with? i happen to also agree 100% about the addict who is harming no one but himself sitting at home and using there without stealing etc. relax with the f bombs ok bro? and if you are correct that there is no stopping this then what should we do...sincerely, a mom of a son whom i worry about daily
Jimmy Decarlo December 15, 2013 at 05:29 AM
@Grace Im gonna be completely honestwith you. There is nothing that you can physically do to prevent a curious child from doing drugs. I mean this when i say this. Heroin is the devil. It will find you no matter how hard you hide. I remember the days i despised the people who did heroin because i thought i was cool just smokin pot instead. Most kids start doing drugs because of their insecurities or neglect or even just trying to fit it to them selves. It sounds crazy but its true. The whole D.A.R.E. program is a joke. It doesnt work. You must look fr
Jimmy Decarlo December 15, 2013 at 05:40 AM
You must look for the signs of your kid using. Not spending as much time at the house with the family. Always ALWAYS out with "friends". Attitude change. Think theyre cooler or the i dont give a fuck attitude. Bags under the eyes. Next time at the doctor check there nasal cavities and see if one if more inflamed than the other. Thatll show if they sniff it. Track marks if they choose to shoot. God forbid the y dont ever try. I did once and almost got added to the death toll of. This county. The one thing you can do to try and prevent is show your child you love them with all your heart. Dont make it seem too obvious but the little things count. And let them know that they can be honest with you and you wont get mad. Thats why we lie to our parents because we know there gunna get mad. Instead of getting mad and taking things away and grounding. Make it known that you just want to help them not punish. Punishing does nothing. Trust me. I know what youre going through because i put my mom through it for years. Me and my momma have the best relationship i could ever ask for. And im only 20. Just getting my family back in my life. Just dont ever stop loving your son. Show him how much you want whats best gor him. But in a positive way by taking there hand and trying to guide them through life. Show them what there gonna expect Ndneed to get through the rough times.
grace December 15, 2013 at 09:59 AM
thank you @ jimmy i will take what you have said and practice it daily..but that not getting mad thing is tough lol
Jimmy Decarlo December 15, 2013 at 12:23 PM
@Grace Yeah not getting mad is the hardest part. I have such horrible anger and its damn near impossible to controlit even when i really try to.
Jimmy Decarlo December 15, 2013 at 12:28 PM
@Proud Perhaps you can stop telling me what to do like im your child. Ill be what ever i want when ever i want and how ever i want. Im not ignorant im just standing up to cracked out people like you. And one more thing dont tell me how to speak im not a dog okay? Thanks.
proud December 15, 2013 at 09:48 PM
Well, you certainly sound like a horrifically and angry cracked out dog. Lullabies!
voiceofreason December 15, 2013 at 11:30 PM
@v proud , Jimmy isn't ignorant nor a racist. Listen to his message. He knows better than most of you people on here. he's lived it. I think for a 20 Year old recovering addict he makes more sense then most of you finger pointing " adults". Keep the faith Jimmy!
The Peoples Champ December 18, 2013 at 02:51 AM
Jimmy & the voice of No Reason, when you (2) little boys are done smoking crack or heroin, or maybe even sniffing glue? You two MORONS will stop blaming everyone for YOUR PROBLEMS dealing with LIFE! YOU TWO IDIOTS decided to do DRUGS! Don't take your garbage out on the people here just because you made a MISTAKE!!!


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