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Four Suspects Charged In Assault, Robbery On Man Outside Of Spirits Unlimited Store

One suspect still at large, police chief says

Lacey police are looking for one of four males suspected of assaulting and robbing a man behind the Spirits Unlimited liquor store on Tuesday night, Police Chief David A. Paprota said.

A warrant for the arrest of Jacob Barney, 21, Spruce Street, Forked River, has been issued in connection with the incident that happened around 10:30 p.m. on April 8, behind the store in the Town Square Plaza at Lacey Road and Route 9, the chief said.

Officers Andrew Slota, Dimitri Tsarnas, George Resetar, Michael Verwey, and Sergeant Ronald Buxton respond to a call that the victim was bleeding badly and needed medical attention, Paprota said.

Joseph J. Caputo IV, 24,  Forked River, was transported to Community Medical Center in Toms River for treatment of injuries suffered during the assault and robbery, the chief said.

The four assailants were reported to have fled the scene on foot, but three were later located and arrested, he said.

Police arrested Anthony O. Baisi, 20, 1618 Ewart Rd., Forked River;  Shawn C. Kaliske, 22, 15 Hastings Road Forked River, and a  17-year-old male juvenile from Forked River, Paprota said.

A warrant with bail set at $75,000 for 2nd degree robbery has been issued for Jacob Barney, who has yet to be located, the chief said.

Renee April 10, 2014 at 02:01 PM
Ok so I feel like a big a**hole n I have to apologize. I commented on Joe Caputo thinking he was involved in this as one of the "criminals" not the victim. That was wrong of me for not reading the story correctly. I knew Joe went to jail for drugs n was recently released n it was wrong of me to assume he was released. In this case he apparently was the victim n not the perpetrator. So again, I truly APOLOGIZE for my negative comment earlier. I hope for the sake of Joe's mother n siblings
Tierney April 10, 2014 at 08:52 PM
Why are they just sending Jake to jail over and over again?? Doesn't anyone realize the kid needs help? He needs guidance and defiantly rehab. He literally has no one in his life to help him. He's spent months living by himself in the woods off and on with no money or help for YEARS. His only role model a shot out drug addict of a father. All your doing is throwing stones and pushing him farther into the hole he's sunken in. It's obvious to me why he's repeating these mistakes and stupidity. What would you do if everyone around you acted a certain way with no positive influences? God dammit you people make me sick. How do you pick yourself up off the floor after being trampled by negativity your whole life? How do you clean up your act when you yourself begin to believe others words of your own character? If you feel worthless what's to stop you from acting worthless? I'm not saying he should be doing these things, but who are you to judge him so cruelly?
amanda April 12, 2014 at 05:16 PM
Pretty sure everyone of you that is talking bad about the three boys sitting in county need to get your facts straight before you say anything because they are innocent and you are going off of a story posted on this fucking website. Not everything posted on the internet is true dumbasses.
Judith Paige April 12, 2014 at 05:41 PM
Dear Concerned, Thank you so very much for your comment. I truely appreciate your kind words and you are so right. I so hope he does exactly that. He does say he doesn't want to come back to Lacey and all the so called friends who enable him. He needs to get a clean start .. He is starting to see how good life can be. Only thing that troubles me is this girlfriend of his who is in and out of rehabs and he is totally not going to give her up.. She is his Poison... Other than that I think he has a great shot at a great life.. All I can do is pray and hope for the best. God Bless you for getting your life together . I am so proud of you . I know how hard it is but you seem to have a handle on it.. Thank you so much again... xxxx
JC609 April 12, 2014 at 08:03 PM
LOL @Amanda... hunny, im pretty sure if they were innocent they most likely WOULDNT be sitting in the county jail right now. You tell everyone to get the facts straight, but what "straight facts" do you know? Or are the "Facts" just what your boyfriend Shawn told had happened? C'mon now girl, think logical.


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