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County Sheriff Reports 2 Lacey Arrests in August

In August, 115 subjects were arrested by the county

The Ocean County Sheriff’s Department made 922 arrests from Jan. 1, 2012 though Aug. 31, 2012. The department also extradited 29 fugitives from out of state to face charges in Ocean County.

In August, 115 subjects were arrested, 33 of which were outstanding child support totaling $493,999.90 and two were fugitives from Justice.

The Sheriff’s Department arrested the following Lacey residents:

Patrick Garrison, 34, of Forked River was arrested on Aug. 6 on an Ocean County Superior Court Warrant for allegedly failing to pay $12,342.28 in child support. He was processed, paid a reduced purge and released.

Amanda Naia, 20, of Forked River was arrested on Aug. 14 on an Ocean County Superior Warrant for allegedly failing to appear for violation of probation on original charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance. She also had two other warrants out of Toms River and Lacey totalling $850. She was processed and sent to the Ocean County Juvenile Detention Center with no option of bail.

forthrpeoplebythepeoplescrewthepeople September 08, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Child support, no parent should have to go to jail. Could you imagine how many people men and women would be in jail for owing a debt. What they fail to mention it its cost twice as much thats being collected. Our chid support system is archaic and usually puts the payer in debt and we all know its the dad most of the time. Child support was designed in the 80's when women did not work. Time to change an outdated one sided system.
Marie Korsak September 08, 2012 at 05:32 PM
You are incorrect. When a man and a woman have children they are obligated to care for them. Where the system is flawed is in allowing this deadbeat to not pay for his childrens care for long enough to have the debt become so large. ALL child support should go through probation. This applies to men andwomen alike. If an obligation hasn't been met for one month, a visit should be paid to the persons residence and they should have 3 days to come up with the money. If they dont comply, they should be arrested, then, before the debt blossoms. If they run, they are fugitives and should be treated as such. Who paid for the $12,000.00 worth of food and clothing this deadbeats kids needed. The mother or grandparents maybe? This law is archaic in the sense that it doesn't and hasn't worked to protect the innocents; the kids. And FYI I'm a woman and I worked in the 80's just like the women before me that have been working since the turn of the century.
Danielle McSweeney September 08, 2012 at 07:54 PM
What about the children of the people who arent deadbeat's children and the child support was put on fraudanlent terms. No matter how many times were fought to have it corrected it never was. This said person has not seen the children for going on six years now and has always taken care of his children both physically and financially. He is not fugitives as the mother of these children refuses to get a job and was told to pay child support and never did and she is being charged with FOUR COUNTS OF ENDANGERING THE WELFARE OF A CHILD! she still has said children two of which are this man's. I know because this story has to do with my husband and he had his children physically and the mother never provided for them a day in their life unless she was threatened with having them removed. So yeah it is not always the dad's its the mothers too and the fathers always get the bad reputation. The bad part was there was a guy on that list that was in the hole almost 200K for child support
jim c September 08, 2012 at 08:48 PM
Your both correct and incorrect at the same time. I am a single father and my child resides with me because his mother is a deadbeat. Sadly this state is very one sided. Since my son was born i had to fight for rights to my son where her being the mother had all the say in the world and i had to go to court for it which is sick. At the begining I was forced to pay 180 a week because she claimed she could not work since she was the mother and had to stay home when truth was she worked as a hair dresser and made very good money off the books. By the time my son was 2 she was caught with drugs and deemed unfit to raise a child so i was granted full custody.I had been telling the courts she was a drug addict since day one and unfortunelty even with proof i provided they did not do anything untill she harmed the child.Once I got custody they told her she had to pay me 50 a week child support.After 2 months of her not paying she took me to court to have it droped and the courts said she didnt have to pay anything because she doesnt have a job. How is that fair. If the man doesnt have the job he is still forced to pay and get a job which i believe he should. But if she dont have a job she doesnt need to get one. And now all she pays is 5 dollars a month untill the arrears is payed off so she doesnt get a warrant. When she didnt pay the first time I got arrested for failure to pay then when i got to the police station they apologized seeing she owed me not the other way around.
Tee September 09, 2012 at 02:07 AM
Jim C you are 100 percent correct! There are many Deadbeat Moms out there! My husband had custody and still paid the ex . She very rarely followed the court order for visitation and the judge said, " I can not make her be a good mother!"


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