Coast Guard Rescues Three Stranded On Island Off Beach Haven

Men stranded in frigid weather when boat runs aground

Three men were rescued by Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City from Shelter Island off Beach Haven when their boat grounded during low tide, the Coast Guard said.

One of the men called on a cell phone and said he and two other people were hunting on the island Tuesday and became stranded when the boat grounded in frigid cold, said Capt. Jeff Powell, a Royal Canadian Air Force pilot assigned to Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City. .

The men reported being very cold even though they were dressed appropriately, but had no immediate medical concerns, he said.

An MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from arrived and hoisted the three men aboard. They were taken to the air station, where they were transferred to emergency medical services personnel, Powell said.

“They were about 15 miles away and we were there in seven minutes,” he said. "They were dressed well and had means of signaling. When they heard the helicopter, they used a flame to get our attention, which directed us to their exact location. Having any means to signal, whether a flashlight, flare or even a cell phone screen light, can greatly help a rescue crew at night.”


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