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4 Forked River Residents Arrested After Drug Bust

Southern Ocean County SWAT executed two search warrants

Four occupants of a home on Bobwhite Court in Forked River were arrested and charged with intent to distribute oxycodone on March 30.

Leonard Dasaro, 55, Stacey Vanadder, 36, Richard Mattia, 30, and Jennifer Dasaro, 25, all of Forked River, were arrested after the Southern Ocean County SWAT conducted a search of 16 Bobwhite Court.

“The police department’s investigation was greatly aided by residents of the Bobwhite Court Area who didn’t hesitate to call in and voice their concerns,” Lt. James Veltri of the Lacey Township Police Department said.

Warrants for 16 and 26 Bobwhite Court were obtained during a drug distribution investigation, Veltri said. Nothing was found at 26 Bobwhite Court, as it is an abandoned residence.

As a result of the searches, the police recovered oxycodone, a highly addictive Schedule II narcotic, Veltri said. There was also evidence that the home was being utilized as a place of distribution, he said.

Mattia was also charged with possession of marijuana.

All suspects were released without bail pending a court appearance.

Detectives from numerous jurisdictions participated in the investigation.

Veltri encourages all residents to call the police department at 609-693-6636 if they ever see any suspicious activity.

Blueyes April 07, 2011 at 03:09 AM
I am not trying to argue but I am honestly telling you the locks were never changed. He still uses the SAME keys to access the front & back door that he used before he left the state. I am signing off now. I think this conversation has lasted long enough. Good luck over there!
ZeeZee April 07, 2011 at 09:58 PM
I'd like to respond to some posts......Many posts have been flaged, why I don't know....Blueyes I'd like to tell you that the good people of Bobwhite Ct. are NOT trash. We walk with our children, ride bikes, walk, walk our dog, ride in our cars and we DO notice things. Thank heaven we do because we love our neighborhood!! We know what is going on, we live here you DON'T. You may be a friend of the family but you have no idea what was going on. LOT'S of traffic, pealing out leaving black marks on the road, fighting with girlfriends on the lawn, cars/trucks on the lawn, noise, yelling and cursing at girl friend on front lawn etc. I hope you get the picture, it's sure not a pretty one. The guy from 26 was hand cuffed, one would then assume he was arrested if he was hand cuffed.....
Joe jenkoson April 12, 2011 at 02:36 PM
Your a piece of shit!..He has prblems..He saw his mother get shot. People have issues..your probaly perfect though. Just be happy that noth house are done with in that neighborhood.. Theres no reason for getting into his personal business. That just shows how immature you are. probaly very insecure with yourself. You sit here and write his business on this page when that kid was put through a tragedy..Maybe he has issues from that. Did you ever think that. Anyone who witnessed there mom getting shot in the head probaly have issues. People dont think right when there using. They do stupids. He needs help.. He doesnt need someone saying the bullet should of killed him 2. That makes everything worse and makes you look bad 2..You didnt put your name because your prbaly one of the scumbags in this town. Lol i love lip Gansters like yourself who talk all this shit and dont even leave your name..I know what it looks like to people who dont know the person on 26 bobwhite court. They just go by whatever everyone says.. He is a human being who has made mistakes. Im in no way defending him selling drugs or doing them. Hes a good person if you people actually knew him. He started using after that tragedy of his mother. He has no family at all..His family was taken from him. Put yourself in his shoes and see if you could deal with what he deals with for one hours..He didnt loose his kid..He never lived with him..He sees him every weekend..
Joe jenkoson April 12, 2011 at 02:55 PM
what street does your sister live on?
Joe jenkoson April 12, 2011 at 02:57 PM
To everyone else and the residents of lacey. They were caught..Just be happy about that. Yes he made his mistakes and he really needs help. When he is clean and thinking straight he would give you the shirt off his back. When you feal like there is nothing to live for you give up and dont care about anything. I guess everyone forgot that he had a successfull business before the tragedy. He had more trucks and toys then anyone.. He just gave up after that. Lets support him and say its time to wake up and get better. Not make it worse. Everyone writing bad stuff on here makes it worse. He will read this and get very upset. Which triggers things to happen.You people wouldnt know that because your perfect.Well the man at 26 bobwhite ct, our a good person and the people who knows you love you very much. Gotta fight this demon and get help. Show everyone what a good person you really are. Its gonna be hard but you can do it. Its not how many times you fall, its getting up and making things happen. Your son loves you to death. Dont worry about all this haters. They thrive on watching people fail because it makes them feel better about there own insecurities. People are here to support you and you know who they are. Keep your head up. Things wont get better over night. It takes time. Show these people that you a great person when that demon isnt bringing you down. Thats the best way to seek revenge on these people..YOU CAN DO IT!


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