4 Forked River Residents Arrested After Drug Bust

Southern Ocean County SWAT executed two search warrants

Four occupants of a home on Bobwhite Court in Forked River were arrested and charged with intent to distribute oxycodone on March 30.

Leonard Dasaro, 55, Stacey Vanadder, 36, Richard Mattia, 30, and Jennifer Dasaro, 25, all of Forked River, were arrested after the Southern Ocean County SWAT conducted a search of 16 Bobwhite Court.

“The police department’s investigation was greatly aided by residents of the Bobwhite Court Area who didn’t hesitate to call in and voice their concerns,” Lt. James Veltri of the Lacey Township Police Department said.

Warrants for 16 and 26 Bobwhite Court were obtained during a drug distribution investigation, Veltri said. Nothing was found at 26 Bobwhite Court, as it is an abandoned residence.

As a result of the searches, the police recovered oxycodone, a highly addictive Schedule II narcotic, Veltri said. There was also evidence that the home was being utilized as a place of distribution, he said.

Mattia was also charged with possession of marijuana.

All suspects were released without bail pending a court appearance.

Detectives from numerous jurisdictions participated in the investigation.

Veltri encourages all residents to call the police department at 609-693-6636 if they ever see any suspicious activity.

Gracie-Laurynn March 31, 2011 at 08:52 PM
Your voices were heard! ...seems like this may be the right place to complain.
John March 31, 2011 at 09:18 PM
We've been complaining here on Clairmore for 6 years. Even had plate #s, makes,times in, times out,walk in from street and sexes. Gave to a Det. with 4 straight days of info and still the dope is going out of the house. They busted the homeowner twice and he's out the next day. Just a few weeks ago busted one of the residents and he was out the next day. Detectives are you listening?? The house is a nuisance, shut it down.
Helen March 31, 2011 at 09:21 PM
Yes, sounds like once it goes public on a site like this you get action. I always wonder if the crimes that get reported in the town are ever solved??
Bobwhite Resident March 31, 2011 at 11:44 PM
Released without bail..... Guessing they didn't get caught with much. Both those houses have been trash bag central for months now. Dirtbags ruining a nice quite family neighborhood.
Kristen Lee Marcus April 01, 2011 at 11:59 AM
Great job to all the Bobwhite like 'ol salt" comment people, the new enews and social media has done good... and great idea squeaky wheel, ( but unless he gets clean, if he does not have that money he will be robbing the good people of bobwhite instead of just doing drugs in the neighborhood)...I still like the idea of taking his ss away
voiceofreason April 01, 2011 at 02:24 PM
I wish the police could keep up with the drug dealing in this town, good job for busting this house, but my sister has been complaining for many years about the drug house accross the street from her (which is very nototious around town) and nothing has ever been done. Unfortunatly for every 1 busted 3 more are around the corner. Its way worse around hear then most people realize.
Gracie-Laurynn April 01, 2011 at 02:37 PM
So true...not sure how the system works, but an undercover cop in my neighborhood would benefit and have at least 3 homes busted.
Krissa April 01, 2011 at 03:55 PM
I'm still having a hard time understanding that they never got the last adult that lives in that house. He's a bigger problem then the rest. But thank you to all my neighbors, because I was tired of the traffic in and out of that place, especially with the kids that live around here.
Polly April 04, 2011 at 03:22 AM
Hummmm...I'm also wondering about the last adult? Why was 26 Bobwhite raided when it was an abandon residents? Is this the adult we are all wondering about? Hows the packing going 16?
ZeeZee April 04, 2011 at 06:13 PM
The other adult was arrested but for what and was there bail set on him? Just who REALLY owns these houses. Makes you wonder if this whole thing is really over with, or just another slap on the hand.
69 April 06, 2011 at 11:54 PM
I kno for a fact that the kid still owns that coner house. All you nosy people that have a computer can find out who owns any house and how much they own on it n if they have leans and all types of shit. The stickers on the door are from the water company sayin that they came n winterized the house. The kid moved off bobwhite 2 weeks before anything happened. He can go to the house on the coner anytime he wants. He doesnt break in. He got a key. All you people need to get a life n worry bout your own business...
Kristen Lee Marcus April 07, 2011 at 12:16 AM
69 must not have a life either if they are associated with this person, and yes we are nosy, we don't want trash in our town, go live in Elizabeth or Paterson if you want to act like that
Kristen Lee Marcus April 07, 2011 at 12:17 AM
Proud to be NOSY
Kristen Lee Marcus April 07, 2011 at 12:19 AM
If there was a winterized sticker on the house, that means NO water and no water means not being able to flush your toilet, that to me sounds like real ideal living conditions for an upstanding citizen. This Kid sound like a great homeowner and neighbor
Blueyes April 07, 2011 at 12:21 AM
LOL! What exactly do you mean by "squatting"??? He does not sleep at the house. He does still have some things in that house that he needs to access & until that house has officially been taken from him he has every right to access those belongings. Not that any of this is your business. I think it is funny though that you were so sure he was selling drugs out of the house yet he was caught with nothing. He was there when the house was raided & if he had broken into the house he would have been arrested. From what I have read, the only people that were actually found with drugs in their home & charged with the intent to distribute were the people at 16 Bobwhite.
Kristen Lee Marcus April 07, 2011 at 12:21 AM
foreclosure process take a very long time and it is very loose in this economy, but if you are gone, your gone, stay gone and take your problems with you
Blueyes April 07, 2011 at 01:49 AM
This is the best! My low double digit IQ?! I am a drug addict because I know this person!? I think you need to lay off whatever you're smoking because you have done nothing but wasted the time of the SWAT team & spew lies out to people that don't know anything about your neighborhood. Unless you have purchased drugs from that home or that person, you have NOTHING to back up your accusations. Don't you think the Task Force would have arrested him if they had any proof he was selling drugs? That is their job. READ the article.....his name is not even mentioned!
Blueyes April 07, 2011 at 02:01 AM
I really don't think first names are necessary espcially since he is not listed in this article. I am a home owner of a beautiful home, thank you very much. I am educated & proud of it. If there were drugs found at that house & if he was breaking into that home I would be happy to hear the problem was taken care of. What you are not taking into consideration is that he has a child, a family, & your stories (half of which are not true) cause conflict. I am a concerned family friend, that is all. Just because I know this person does not make me a drug addict.Perhaps you are a drug addict since you live in a drug infested neighborhood & you know so may details about this property. I couldn't agree more about the TRASH at 16. It is people like him that ruin SS & disability for people that actually need it. I am honestly telling you to keep your eyes out because there is a house over there that is a BIGGER problem than 16 ever was. I have lived in this town my entire life & I have a brother that is a Police Officer. I hear all about this town & the problem areas. Whether you want to admit ot or not, your neighborhood is one of those areas.
Blueyes April 07, 2011 at 02:17 AM
I am just as worried as you are about the drugs in this town. I am not in any way agreeing with any type of drug dealing in this town. I have a 6 year old child & even going to the park you see people "meeting up" all over the place. As I said before, I am a friend of the family. That does not mean I am a drug addict. I am sure you may know someone that has or has had a problem with drugs, drinking, ect. but that does not make you an addict as well. I grew up in this town & I can not believe how bad the drugs are. Typically 1 out of 10 adults will succumb to addiction but in Lacey I feel like its 1 out of 5!!!!
Blueyes April 07, 2011 at 02:40 AM
What I meant by half of your stories are not true was when you were saying he IS living at 16. He is not & honestly moved out of that neighborhood weeks ago. He may have been there the day of but he doesn't live there or at 26. Also, the locks were not changed, he still has a working key. I have given him a ride home from work & watched him use his keys. He has never had to break in. Whether or not you have seen him do something or not, at the end of the day after being watched & raided nothing illeal was found. That is what I was referring to. The picture that was painted was that he broke into his old house to sell drugs & squat. Then you wrote more than once that he was arrested which he wasn't. He was never taken into custody.
Blueyes April 07, 2011 at 03:09 AM
I am not trying to argue but I am honestly telling you the locks were never changed. He still uses the SAME keys to access the front & back door that he used before he left the state. I am signing off now. I think this conversation has lasted long enough. Good luck over there!
ZeeZee April 07, 2011 at 09:58 PM
I'd like to respond to some posts......Many posts have been flaged, why I don't know....Blueyes I'd like to tell you that the good people of Bobwhite Ct. are NOT trash. We walk with our children, ride bikes, walk, walk our dog, ride in our cars and we DO notice things. Thank heaven we do because we love our neighborhood!! We know what is going on, we live here you DON'T. You may be a friend of the family but you have no idea what was going on. LOT'S of traffic, pealing out leaving black marks on the road, fighting with girlfriends on the lawn, cars/trucks on the lawn, noise, yelling and cursing at girl friend on front lawn etc. I hope you get the picture, it's sure not a pretty one. The guy from 26 was hand cuffed, one would then assume he was arrested if he was hand cuffed.....
Joe jenkoson April 12, 2011 at 02:36 PM
Your a piece of shit!..He has prblems..He saw his mother get shot. People have issues..your probaly perfect though. Just be happy that noth house are done with in that neighborhood.. Theres no reason for getting into his personal business. That just shows how immature you are. probaly very insecure with yourself. You sit here and write his business on this page when that kid was put through a tragedy..Maybe he has issues from that. Did you ever think that. Anyone who witnessed there mom getting shot in the head probaly have issues. People dont think right when there using. They do stupids. He needs help.. He doesnt need someone saying the bullet should of killed him 2. That makes everything worse and makes you look bad 2..You didnt put your name because your prbaly one of the scumbags in this town. Lol i love lip Gansters like yourself who talk all this shit and dont even leave your name..I know what it looks like to people who dont know the person on 26 bobwhite court. They just go by whatever everyone says.. He is a human being who has made mistakes. Im in no way defending him selling drugs or doing them. Hes a good person if you people actually knew him. He started using after that tragedy of his mother. He has no family at all..His family was taken from him. Put yourself in his shoes and see if you could deal with what he deals with for one hours..He didnt loose his kid..He never lived with him..He sees him every weekend..
Joe jenkoson April 12, 2011 at 02:55 PM
what street does your sister live on?
Joe jenkoson April 12, 2011 at 02:57 PM
To everyone else and the residents of lacey. They were caught..Just be happy about that. Yes he made his mistakes and he really needs help. When he is clean and thinking straight he would give you the shirt off his back. When you feal like there is nothing to live for you give up and dont care about anything. I guess everyone forgot that he had a successfull business before the tragedy. He had more trucks and toys then anyone.. He just gave up after that. Lets support him and say its time to wake up and get better. Not make it worse. Everyone writing bad stuff on here makes it worse. He will read this and get very upset. Which triggers things to happen.You people wouldnt know that because your perfect.Well the man at 26 bobwhite ct, our a good person and the people who knows you love you very much. Gotta fight this demon and get help. Show everyone what a good person you really are. Its gonna be hard but you can do it. Its not how many times you fall, its getting up and making things happen. Your son loves you to death. Dont worry about all this haters. They thrive on watching people fail because it makes them feel better about there own insecurities. People are here to support you and you know who they are. Keep your head up. Things wont get better over night. It takes time. Show these people that you a great person when that demon isnt bringing you down. Thats the best way to seek revenge on these people..YOU CAN DO IT!


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