Thank You From The Lacey Food Bank, Especially During Sagging Economy

To the Friends and Supporters of the Lacey Food Bank

On behalf of the Officers and Volunteers of the Lacey Food Bank a round of applause and resounding THANK YOU to the many individuals, businesses, community, school and sport organizations that have supported us during these very difficult economic times.  Supported solely by donations, it is this community commitment - the very essence of the spirit of generosity - that makes our job possible.  Without it, we would surely fail.

The sagging economy has hit families that have long been the hardworking middle class.  They’ve played by the rules but they are finding themselves at the lower rung of the employment ladder and they are expendable.  These new faces at the Lacey Food Bank say they are having a hard time affording food.  And we believe them.

The working poor families with children represent the largest growing segment of our client base in over 10 years .  When we look at the effects of the current economy we are seeing a big impact in areas that never before grappled with poverty and hunger.  There are many intact families where someone has lost a job, is under-employed or is sick and suddenly find they have to make bleak choices between food and mortgage; food and utilities; food and medical expenses and sometimes even between food and keeping the family pet.  This is the new face of the Lacey Food Bank - the working poor with children.  They join the handicapped and the elderly -  people who paid their dues, fought in wars and now find they too must come to us for help.

At the Lacey Food Bank, we served an all-time high client list totaling more than 800 people per month last year.   Within that number almost 300 were children.  To meet their needs, we distribute more than 4 tons of food at our monthly distribution as well as meeting emergencies as they come in.  Imagine, we need nearly 600 cans of soup a month just to give each family 2 cans of soup.  We are fortunate and grateful that because of you,  it is a challenge that we have been able to meet.

We ask that you please continue to support our mission and THANK YOU from all of us at the Lacey Food Bank.


Laura Caroccia & Harold Peters

Co-Chairmen, Lacey Food Bank 

Lacey Township, New Jersey

Don Bucci April 13, 2014 at 07:59 AM
Are you accepting Easter donations this week? As in turkeys or hams?
Laura Caroccia April 13, 2014 at 08:34 AM
Hi Don! Yes! We are. You can drop off your donation Monday - Friday from 10am-Noon at the Food Bank located at 102 Station Drive, Forked River. If you've qualified for the holiday promotion at the Lacey Shoprite just bring your receipt to the courtesy desk and tell them you'd like to donate your holiday ham to the Lacey Food Bank. Donations like this help us make holiday dinners possible for so many local families! Thank You !!!!
Laura Caroccia April 14, 2014 at 07:07 AM
CORRECTION: Shoprite is not accepting ham donations at the courtesy desk. Please drop off any perishable ham/turkey/frozen lasagna donations you may have at the Lacey Food Bank Monday - Friday from 10AM- Noon. Sorry for any inconvenience. The donation bins located in the lobby of the Shoprite are availabe for SHELF STABLE foods only. Please do not put any refrigerated goods in the bins. Thank You All for your continued support and encouragement! :)


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