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OPINION: More Superfluous Spending at the Lacey Board of Ed

If anyone was curious, the price tag for the all the clothing allowance checks issued by the Lacey Board of Education (mentioned in my previous speak out letter Feb. 3) amounts to about $60,000 annually.

Someone needs to negotiate its removal from the LTEA contract. I obtained the dollar amount by making an OPRA request for this expense. This money belongs in the classroom for teaching supplies, textbooks, etc. Student achievement must be a higher priority.

There are additional superfluous items lurking in the Lacey School Budget.

The Lacey taxpayers are footing the bill for ALL professional association dues for administration/management personnel. I think anyone making over $80K per year, can well afford to pay their own professional association dues. Should the taxpayers be footing the bills for: The New Jersey Association of School Administrators and the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association?

Even the superintendent’s contract, at a salary of $167,500 per year, includes a clause to pay her professional association dues as well! I was surprised to see she didn’t get a wardrobe allowance too. (The contract is posted on the Lacey Schools website.)

This is another superfluous expense that MUST GO.

I also found a bill for another overnight stay in Atlantic City for Board members and an administrator. Gas is cheaper - please car pool and come home. Many people commute to Atlantic City from Lacey. I don’t care what time these workshops begin or end.

Have a cup of coffee and come home. Otherwise pay for the overnight with your own money. The taxpayers should not be paying for any overnight stays in Atlantic City. It’s too close!! (The bill was $1400.)

Lacey, contrary to popular belief, is not an affluent township. Many Lacey families have both parents working and people are struggling to pay their taxes and keep their homes. Has anyone else noticed all the foreclosures in town and numerous empty homes? There’s dozens of them.

I think it’s time for the Board of Education to focus 100 percent towards student achievement. Please get rid of the fluff in the LTEA contract. There is one year left until the next contract negotiation.

Thank you to all who read this. Please consider coming to meetings. Nothing will change unless more people come forward.

Respectfully submitted,

Regina Discenza, Lacey (609) 693-6454



NDK February 27, 2014 at 09:26 AM
Thanks silver dollar..
Silver dollar February 27, 2014 at 11:33 AM
Diane I Turned in my PTR2 yesterday, on page 2 it states Was your total 2013 income on line 4 $84,289* or less ? Bottom line reads * Subject to change by state budget . I don't disagree with you but that is what info I had . Thank you for the update
anonymous March 04, 2014 at 06:18 PM
Clothing allowance ???? What do they think they are in the service?? We used to get a clothing allowance for new uniforms and there was abuse but then again our wardrobe was pretty limited. I cannot believe they get this allowance. It must be nice to work for a corrupt BOE. Where do I apply?????? anonymous
grace March 07, 2014 at 05:23 PM
get off the republican thing and stick with the issue.. a clothing allowance...what exactly is this for? uniforms?
grace March 07, 2014 at 05:23 PM
and i agree with @ joey joe saying thanks regina great job...


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