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WANTED: Adult & teenage recruits tough enough to survive 60 minutes of my fitness boot camp.

You think "that sounds like fun.  I could totally do that.  BUUUUUUUT...."


No more BUT's recruit.

It ain't easy.

We're all busy with kids, jobs, chores, school, prison... whatever.

It's a matter of priorities.

And your health is a priority.

No, no, no... not starting next year.

Nuh uh.


The very next class.

You're investing your time in yourself.

Investing it into your good physical and mental health

(And improving your good looks).

Just like saving money for the future - the most important deposit to make is the first one.

Think about this: if you don't take care of yourself now, where you gonna live later?

(WRONG ANSWER if you said we have ObamaCare now so I don't have take care of myself" LOL. Pleeeeeze!!)

Join now.

Build some momentum at the end of 2012.

First Class always FREE.

PM Boot Camp at School Gym every:

**Tuesday 7-8PM & Wednesday 6-7PM; (classes held at school run off school schedule; if school closed no classes. Drive around & enter through back of school)

**For all classes held at Lanoka Harbor school gym, partial proceeds donated to Lanoka Harbor PTO)

Outdoor classes every Mon, Wed & Fri 10:15-11:00AM & Saturday 8-9:15AM (meet at Gille Park)

$160 Unlimited 3 Months

$140.00--20 Sessions

$80.00--10 Sessions

$45.00--5 Sessions

$10.00--Pay as you come

$5.00 LHS PTO Members **for all classes at school

STAFF FREE88for all classes at school


Call or text Cheryl @ 609.489.3300 with any questions.


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