B Fit Kids & Instructor Training


Preschool enrichment program focuses on traveling around the world

B Fit Kids is a global journey of international dance-movement, imaginative sports & yoga- fitness, and interactive storytelling. Travel guides fly all over the world using choreographed dance-fitness, while introducing new cultures, languages, and music to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Children love the B Fit Kids program where they express their independence to laugh, grow, and play through dance.

Co-founders Ethel Baumberg and Ashley Spicer created B Fit Kids with a mission to combat childhood obesity and bullying in schools. The international theme allows children to learn about new cultures, languages, and experiences. The choreographed dance and fitness aspect keeps children moving and enjoying exercise.

We go travel all over NJ for classes! B Fit Kids is also certifying instructors to become travel guides nationwide (no prerequisites) . The next training for instructors is on March 23, 2014, taking place inside of B Fit Studio in Pompton Plains, NJ. For more trainings available near you- contact us: bfitkids.com, bfitkids@gmail.com, facebook.com/bfitkids



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