Some Lacey Businesses Return to Service, Others Seek to Recover

Captain's Inn is back in business; Ocean Beach Marina continues to clean up and assess damage

On a summer night, sitting along the water and across from a building that holds a piece of Lacey’s history as the sun sets with a cold drink in hand and wrap to eat is a staple in town.

Well before Hurricane Sandy hit, the tiki bar at the Captain’s Inn was taking on water. Now, the bar is severely damaged. The restaurant’s structure built in the 1800s, stood strong.

“The rest didn’t do too bad,” Debbie Kay said. “It’s built to last.”

Captain’s Inn reopened on Wednesday after getting power back.

“I’m feeling a bit fortunate,” she said, not at all concerned about the tiki bar. “It was a sore site to see on the television.”

Kay lives next to the Captain’s Inn and stayed for the storm, losing power and watching the water levels rise around her.

“It was more water than I’ve ever seen,” she said.

The palm trees still stand and all the boats stayed at the marina, she said.

“We fared very well. We’re grateful…We’ll be ready for next summer,” she said of the tiki bar.

Ocean Beach Marina didn’t fare as well as the Captain’s Inn.

Employees left the marina on Saturday to return Wednesday to boats shifted and the offices flooded—some areas taking on five feet of water.

Items were strewn across the offices as they were lifted by the storm surge.

What employees piled on desks to keep from damage, were destroyed.

“It didn’t do us any good,” employee Chris, who declined to provide his last name, said.

Since returning, the staff has been in clean up mode. Supplies are laid outside along with chairs and other belongings that were inundated by Sandy.

“It could’ve been worse,” Chris said. “We’re trying to be proactive.”

Employees have been contacting customers to notify them of the condition of the marina and boats—none of which seemed to sustain heavy damage.

The marina sustained a massive fire that destroyed five boats and severely damaged two others just nine months ago.

“We’re trying to put the pieces back together,” he said.


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