LBI Trailer Park Owners Look for Other Options on Island

Trailers have to be off the property by mid-February.

Joseph Garon, of Burlington, NJ, visited the LBI Trailer Park on Monday, in the hopes that he'd run into some friends who, like he, were preparing to have their trailers either moved or scrapped.

Garon was among dozens of residents who were recently notified by property owner Bob Muroff that he'd have to have his trailer off the site by Feb. 15.

In a letter to residents, Muroff said he is closing the park, because of the high costs associated with rebuilding the park after Sandy. where the park is located, was one of the most severely damaged of all the island towns.

Several phone calls to Muroff were not returned, and several residents told Patch he is away on vacation.

Renters are responsible for paying all scrapping and/or removal costs associated with the trailers. Garon said he was getting estimates this week to have the trailer scrapped, since he did not have it insured, but he had heard of people who were trying to find other places to store their trailers.

"This park has been around for 60 years, who would have thought this," Garon said. He has owned his trailer with his family for the past two years, he said, and nothing "could take away those memories."

Al Czerwinski owner of Lindy's Trailer Park, located a short stroll from LBI Trailer park, told Patch "we are still open, and we have had a lot of calls, but right now we are full. I do have a waiting list, however."

Lindy said his park has a "good start" on fixing up their infrastructure, but he said, much work still needs to be done.


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