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Do You Know This Dog?

"Roxy" was found lying in the middle of Mercer Street a week ago. She was emaciated, malnourished and riddled with infections.


Meet “Roxy.”

Seven days ago, this German Shepard mix dog was found lying in the middle of Mercer Street late at night.

So far no one has come forward to claim this sweet-natured dog, and Princeton’s animal control officer says time may be running out.

Roxy has been under the care of a veterinarian and the volunteers at and the Township has been paying for her care.

“We have her on pain medication and we’re keeping her comfortable," Princeton Animal Control Officer Mark Johnson said. "One day the dog is so weak it can barely stand up, the next day it collapses. We can’t keep on paying indefinitely.”

Yet Johnson can’t bear to see the dog put down.

“I don’t want to euthanize this dog,” Johnson said. “I’m attached to this dog. I’ve been doing this for 18 years, and I’m seen a lot of dogs and I get teary-eyed with this one.”

It was Wednesday, March 21, when Johnson responded to an emergency call after someone noticed the dog lying on the double yellow lines along Mercer Street between Quaker Road and Hutchinson Drive.

He said the woman who first saw Roxy lying in the street managed to keep the cars away until he arrived.

“This dog is pretty lucky,” Johnson said. “Not many people would have seen a dog this color, lying on the road, around a bend, late at night.”

Roxy, as she has been nicknamed by SAVE volunteers, was so weak she couldn’t stand. She was malnourished, emaciated and had severe infections, Johnson said.

A canvass of the neighborhood turned up no one who recognized the dog.

Yet Johnson is hopeful the owner is out there somewhere. Roxy has clipped toenails and an indentation on her fur from a collar.

No decisions have yet been made about Roxy’s future and will await a full veterinarian exam to determine her overall health, Johnson said. If Roxy is found to be in good health and no owner comes forward, it may be possible for her to be adopted through SAVE, where Roxy is currently being cared for.

If you know Roxy or may know her owner, please contact Princeton Animal Control Officer Mark Johnson at  (609) 924-2728.

Tom Regan March 29, 2012 at 11:07 AM
Thanks to the woman who saved Roxy and to the vet caring for her and may the scumbag that dropped her in the middle of the road - hopefully you will burn in hell - no living creature deserves to end up being tossed asisde like this. Good luck Roxy!
Nancy zorochin April 03, 2012 at 04:31 PM
went to visit Roxy today and left a donation. Made me feel so good...Good luck Roxy. Keeping my eye on you!


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