Dinner Symposium To Shed Light On Youth Prescription Drug Use

Lacey United Methodist Church to hold a dinner symposium co-sponsored by Meridian Health

In an effort to draw awareness to prescription drug abuse among township youth, the will be hosting a series of dinner symposiums for parents and patients starting on Thursday, Sept. 13.

The Rev. Linda Applegate announced plans for a three-part program at Monday night's Municipal Alliance meeting. Children & Youth Prescription Drug Use: The Unscripted Reality, co-sponsored by Meridian Health, will be the first of the series and aims to educate physicians most up-to-date information about drug abuse.

"We decided we would hold this symposium and approach Meridian Health and Saint Barnabas health in trying to get them to offer continuing education units for the physicians," said Applegate, also a Task Force member.

A slew of speakers at the symposium will include Thomas Kelly RPh, BSc, Barbara K. Snyder, MD, FAAP and others. Registration for attendance is free and open to the public, but space is limited.

"It would be wonderful to see all of the physicians in Lacey as a part of this too, to show that we are a community that cares and that everybody's on board to support this and help to eradicate the problem of prescription drugs," said Applegate.

The second in the series will be geared toward furthering education on prescription drug abuse for nurses, physician's assistants and school nurses. The event is co-sponsored by Saint Barnabas and Meridian Health. Following that will be a program focusing on faith community leaders, which will also be co-sponsored by Saint Barnabas.

The fourth and final part of the series will be held at the and plans to gear education toward parents and grandparents in the community. Applegate brought up the concerns that many children have ease of access to grandparents prescription drugs.

"Transitions are critical," said Municipal Alliance Coordinator Heather Scanlon, adding that transitions from one school to another are listed as major risk factors for drug abuse.

"I think there's a fear factor that's out there that's not supported," said Applegate. "I think people need to know that there are folks that care, that doctors do care and that the leaders of the community care."

Additionally, the Municipal Alliance approved a motion to fund the Lacey United Methodist church with $300 to cover the cost of printing brochures to expand outreach to local physicians and community members.

Call 609-693-5222 or email LaceyUMC@verizon.net to register for the free dinner symposium.

tr September 11, 2012 at 11:47 PM
Why was $300.00 of taxpayers money given to a religious organization? I thought that there is supposed to be a separation of church and state? The Lacey Municipal Alliance gave the religious organization $300.00 to print brochures to tell local doctors that their patients use drugs? The politically appointed leadership of this organization is not the answer to our drug problems. My tax dollars deserve better fiscal management!
Maureen Kuterka September 14, 2012 at 01:57 AM
I will gladly reimburse the previous taxpayer the small portion of his/her taxes that were spent on this extremely important issue. This has nothing to do with church & state for goodness sake. The church merely offered a meeting place. The public needs to be educated & get their heads out of the sand. Our children & grandchildren are going into our medicine cabinets, like it or not. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER,
tr September 14, 2012 at 03:14 AM
The article said "a motion to fund the Lacey United Methodist church". It should have stated the Task Force printing expenses. I would have preferred the Municipal Alliance funding drug testing kits to be used at the high school for RANDOM TESTING of administrators,teachers,coaches, and students. They all talk the talk but never have they had the guts to walk the walk!!! Lacey does not need coffee and donut meetings. It needs radical and unconventional methods of identifying the addicts and severe judicial sentencing that mandates continued testing and publically identified community service so that everyone knows that they have an addiction disease and can help them overcome their failings. It does take a village sometimes to help the weak. This way the village will know who the weak are that need the help. Stop hiding the problem,ATTACK IT!!!


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