Did You Know? A Look at Lacey's History

Five facts about Lacey's history

This is a feature that looks at five facts of Lacey’s history provided by “Lacey Township People and Progress,” a book written by Dr. Ralph K. Turp and stored at the library. 

1. The Methodist Church used Potter's Church for years before worship places were constructed in Forked River and Lanoka Harbor.

2. In Fall 1977, the Lacey Historical Society held an exhibit of family bibles, prayer books and related texts. One had been secreted in bread in order to get it out of France at the time of the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre when 50,000 French Huguenots were massacred.

3. General John Lacey set up an iron forge on Cedar Creek in 1809 and named it Ferrago from the latin term for Iron.

4. John Lacey Jr. enlisted in the Army at the start of the Revolutionary War in contravention of Quaker faith. He was soon disunited with the church.

5. In 1808 Samuel Brinley and his wife Sarah purchased a local farm for $100 from Charles Kalkinburg, Joseph Bonnell and Johnathan Platt.


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