Barnegat Mother Gave Birth "On The Grass;" Baby Holding His Own

Elizabeth Whitehead thought she had gotten got her long-overdue period when she woke up with cramps early yesterday morning.

But the pains got worse. And they weren't cramps.

Whitehead gave birth to an unexpected 2.5 pound baby boy on the front lawn of the Pulaski Drive home she lives in with boyfriend David Windham.

"It all happened on the grass," she said. "His head was out when I was on the grass."

Windham quickly called 911 and within minutes Barnegat police officers arrived on the scene. After a number of CPR attempts, the tiny infant began to cry.

To say Whitehead and Windom are in a state of shock would be an understatement.

"I know I am," said close friend Matt Hannah.

Whitehead said she took two pregnancy tests when she failed to get her period. Both came back negative.

The young parents -  who already have a nine-month-old boy - plan to head up to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune later today where the baby is being treated in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Whitehead was released from Southern Ocean County Hospital in Manahawkin today.

So far, "the baby is fine," Windham said.

The baby was only 24 weeks old at birth. After he was revived, he was taken to Southern Ocean County Hospital and transferred to Jersey Shore once he was stabilized, emergency response officials have said.

Andres Bustamante June 29, 2013 at 01:54 PM
How can anyone go through life being as clueless as that woman? She didn't get her period for months and all that came to her empty head was the idea of taking a pregnancy test that I am sure she bought at WalMart!?! You have got to be kidding me! How about going to a doctor to find out what's wrong? She was probably too busy partying to even bother going to a doctor. I feel so bad for that newborn.
Krystal Mychelle July 01, 2013 at 09:10 AM
This is not as uncommon as you think it is. I think people should be less judgmental - you don't know what this woman's circumstances are. I hope that if Elizabeth reads this article - she will see that there are people thinking of her and her young children and hoping that they will be well and healthy and happy. The little baby will be struggling to live in these first few weeks - and all you have to say is criticism for the mother? Really?
ellen July 01, 2013 at 10:09 AM
I wrote a comment the other night, and apparently it never went through. Like Krystal I am shocked at the cruelty and ignorance of the other commenters. This mother is not the one looking ignorant - you all are. There is absolutely zero reason to believe this mom was irresponsible or "partying" or behaving inappropriately - those are bizarre, illogical leaps. She did not get her period, and even though it is EXTREMELY COMMON AND NORMAL to have irregular periods or no periods at all after you have a baby, she checked twice and both pregnancy tests came back negative. Many wouldn't have checked at all - since her older baby was only 4 months old when she became pregnant... it is normal for her to have irregular periods or not even started getting her periods back yet. Some women don't get them for much longer than that. Not to mention that not one of you have any knowledge as to how regular her periods were before she got pregnant the first time. But she was very cautious/responsible and checked twice - and those tests are very reliable, whether you buy them at a wal-mart or a boutique pharmacy. As Krystal said, this baby may be struggling for his life. He was born at 24 weeks - many hospitals consider a baby born before 24 weeks to be non-viable. This family needs support, congratulations and prayers. You all should be ASHAMED of yourselves for your cruel, ignorant reactions.


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